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Serene Care Assisted​ Living, LLC. 

Compassionate Care Is What We Provide!

Serene Care is a 4 bed licensed assisted living home in Baltimore, MD that provides care for level 1-3. We aim to provide a safe, secure and comfortable environment for our residents. At Serene Care we see a different way of assisting our residents through a new stage in their lives, by acknowledging that where they live is home and belongs to them. We have established a home that not only meets their medical and physical needs, but one that also nourishes their social connection, individual dignity, and personal preference. We provide 24-hour access to care, as well as nutrition and other wellness services that are designed for the residents. This will allow the residents to enjoy different activities, socializing with others, while still maintaining their independence and feeling at home. This is the perfect home for individuals who cannot reside on their own and/or need more help than the family can provide at home. 

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